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What is a product tag?

The tagging plan. What is it for?

How do you use chatfuel?

When it comes to digital communication, hardly anything has been discussed as often in recent months as interacting with bots. They are also becoming increasingly interesting for museums and cultural institutions — after all, there is often a shortage of personnel here. Can the dream of a fully automated visitor dialogue on social media be fulfilled? Can a ChatBot even

Why can we talk to the Randy chatbot about artificial intelligence?

Chatbots owe their success and relevance above all to artificial intelligence. Language, gestures and facial expressions are the simplest and most natural forms of interpersonal communication. So what would be closer than using natural language to communicate with machines? The first attempts to use natural language as a communication tool for controlling machines are therefore not entirely new. However, at …

What question to ask his Crush?

Every new information about his crush allows you to know more about him.